I have been invited to give a handful of talks at La Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán for their Jornada de Álgebra 2018. See their webpage for more details.

I am currently a co-organizer, with F. Breuer (U. Newcastle), A. El-Guindy (Cairo U.), M. Papikan (Penn State U.), and F. Pellarin (ICJ St. Etienne / Lyon) of a conference on recent spectacular developments in the theory of Drinfeld modular forms and their applications will take place at Centro di Ricerca Matematica in Pisa, Italy on November 5–9, 2018. See our website for more information.

I co-organized, with B. Angles (Caen), T. Dreyfus (ICJ, Lyon), D. Goss (Ohio State U.), F. Pellarin (ICJ, St. Etienne / Lyon), and A. Pal (Imperial College, London), a conference on the analogies between the arithmetic of function fields and number fields, that took place on June 20–29 at the Institut Camille Jordan in Lyon, France.

In the Winter Semester 2016 at U. Heidelberg, Germany, I co-organized, with Prof. Dr. G. Boeckle, a working seminar on Pink’s Theory of Hodge Structures over Function Fields.

For the summer semester 2015 in Heidelberg, I helped co-organize a work group on L. Taelman’s theory of unit and class modules arising from Drinfeld modules, including his class number formula and his joint work with B. Anglès wherein they conducted a deep study of these modules for Carlitz prime torsion extensions of the rational function field. The plan of the seminar is here.

In March 2015, I attended the spring school on Characters of Representations and Modular Forms at MPIM in Bonn. In June 2015, I was invited to speak at the Workshop on function fields, zeta functions and Drinfeld modular forms at Imperial College in London.

While still a grad student at OSU, I co-produced — with T. All — a handful of videos on L. Taelman’s Dirichlet Unit Theorem for Drinfeld modules. See my videos page for these.