Monthly Archives: July 2014


I am a mathematician currently working in the realm of function field arithmetic. I obtained my Ph.D. from The Ohio State University under the supervision of D. Goss, where I held the Presidential Fellowship for the year of 2013.  For the year of 2014, I held a post-doc position at the Universite Jean Monnet, St. Etienne and have an office at the Institut Camille Jordan, Lyon. Since mid-January 2015, I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Mathematics Center Heidelberg (MATCH).

My interests include the deformations of vectorial modular forms in positive characteristic introduced by F. Pellarin. We are jointly expanding on this theory with a paper in the works. I will co-organize a working group for G. Boeckle’s team here in Heidelberg on L. Taelman’s unit and class modules and his class number formula. There are still many interesting questions arising from analogies with class groups which beg to be answered about Taelman’s modules.